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What Hair Oil is Right For Me? - Manuka Oil

Difeel offers such a wide array of natural, essential hair oils it can be easy to be overwhelmed with the options. Here we discuss the common key types of hair oils and their benefits to you and your hair.


Where it is Derived From
Extracted via steam distillation from Manuka leaves and flowers, a shrub indigenous to New Zealand.

As a Hair Cleanser
Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of manuka oil make it a perfect cleanser for those who are suffering from bacterial or fungal scalp infections. Manuka oil moisturizes and nourishes scalp which further promotes healthy hair.
Treats Dandruff
Antibacterial properties of manuka oil helps in treating dandruff, often caused by an infection and prevents it from coming back.

Scalp Care
Massaging your scalp with manuka oil helps in increasing the blood circulation, which in turn improves hair growth and strengthens the hair roots. 

Prevents Hair Loss
As manuka oil treats dandruff and inflammation. It helps in soothing the scalp and preventing hair loss caused by infection and scratching of the scalp.

How To Use Manuka Oil 

Hair Mask
Mix several drops of Manuka essential oils with coconut oil and massage into scalp. Put on a shower mask to keep the mask warm. Leave on for 15-30 minutes and shampoo normally. 

As a Hydrating Treatment
Add a few drops of Manuka oil to your shampoo once weekly. Wash hair gently, focusing on your scalp to add moisture and prevent flaking.